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Testimonial from Bulk Manufacturing of Florida

Bulk Manufacuring of Florida
Plant City, FL

Justin Heslinga and Tracker CNC have the absolute best after the sale support I have every received in my 15 years of being in business. I have purchased equipment 10 times the cost and not received the level of support Justin and Tracker CNC provide. When we received out new CNC plasma cutting system, set up was just as easy as Justin said it would be. Justin remotely installed the Sigma NEST program onto my computer and made sure everything was set and working before he cut me loose to use my new machine. Tracker CNC cuts the parts I need quickly and with great accuracy. A few months later we had a key pad issue. Justin quickly diagnosed the problem and sent us out a new key board. Last year, I upgrade my work computer and Justin set up Sigma Nest on my new machine at no cost. Most recently though, my Sigma NEST began to conflict with my anti-virus program. Justin spent half a day deleting and reinstalling my software remotely, until the problem was solved. What outstanding product support!! I can’t say enough positive things about the outstanding level of service provided by Justin and Tracker CNC. Thank You!
Tom Wawrzyniakowski
Testimonial from Joe Shown

K-9 Kondo Inc.
Stapleton, NE

I have owned my Tracker plasma table for almost ten years. At first I was reluctant to use it much as I found the graphics software to be a bit of a challenge to someone with so little computer experience. Thanks to Justin who is North America's most patient human I have finally overcome my reluctance to use the machine. Because of him I now can't find enough time to use the machine and enjoy the quality of the parts that it makes for me. The machine has performed flawlessly and is only eclipsed by the level of customer support provided by the company. If someone is looking for the a great CNC plasma machine I can not think of a better choice than Tracker.
Joe Shown
Testimonial from Shane Martinez

Krazy Kajun Cookware
St. Amant, LA

"I have had my Tracker CNC for 5 years now, best investment ever made for the shop ! Use it 7 days a week . Product is great I have the 6012 Pro Table. Tech support is great !! I plan on buying another unit late summer to keep up with production. Thanks Tracker !!"
Shane Martinez
Testimonial from Opie's Heavy Metal

Opie's Heavy Metal LLC
Granite Falls, MN

"The Tracker cutting system is the best piece of equipment that I have ever bought. I has run very well with no trouble. I bought this machine with no experience. I am still a little rusty but the tech support and training is second to none. I will guarantee you that you will not get this anywhere else. We have made some really neat stuff already. I just want to say thanks to Justin and the whole tracker team for being patient with us and our inexperience. They have taught us so much already. We look forward to working with them in the future and feel that we not only have a supplier but a partner. All in all we feel we have an excellent piece of equipment and an even better team to help us make it work. I wouldn't have it any other way. THANKS GUY'S!!!!"
Jason Frahme
Testimonial from Precision Lift Industries

Precision Lift Ind.
Gulf Breeze, FL

"I am running this machine a solid 20-30 hours a week and overall it has been a great machine. I have become very dependent on it!"
Scott Humbaugh
Testimonial from Coast Lamp Mfg.

Coast Lamp Mfg.
Canton, NC

"The Tracker cutting system does and excellent job and the tech support goes on and beyond expectation. Awesome company to do business with. I have had my machine for two years and we love it. Thanks Bart"
Bart Smith
Testimonial from RB Custom Choppers

RB Custom Choppers
Houston, TX

"My Tracker plasma table helps me fabricate anything I need on a day to day basis from big jobs to small ones...this machine REALLY works!"
Roman Blum
Testimonial from PDS Fabrication

PDS Fabrication
Murrieta, CA

"Any of the custom fabrication we need the Tracker machine always comes in hand because we can just design a bracket, cut it out and instantly we have a new part that keeps us ahead of the competition!"
Tim Berendes
Testimonial from B&C Offroad

B&C Offroad
Pasadena, TX

"We bought the Tracker to do prototyping and we ended up using it in full on 8 hour a day production!"
Kevin Russell
Testimonial from TotalFab LLC

Total Fab LLC
Wallingford, CT

"We use the Tracker plasma system for structural steel and miscellaneous metals. To this date it has been working great and we love it!"
Fred Moore
Testimonial from Designer Palms

Designer Palms
Andover, KS

" will pay for itself, just put it to work...we now use the same machine we bought 4 years ago and last year we added a 2nd machine...the product just keeps hammering it out!"
Wendell Turner
Testimonial from Alabama Casters

Alabama Casters & Equipment
Pelham, AL

"I can not tell you how much we have become dependent on your machine. It has become a literal cornerstone of our business. With all the use and abuse we give it, I am surprised (and impressed) that we have had such little trouble. Our down time has been due to problems with our air compressor not our plasma machine."
Jimmy Cocke
Testimonial from Ross Luebke

Ross Luebke Metal Works
Plymouth, MN

"These guys are great! From the quoting process to shipping to the tech support. Justin has went above & beyond in helping us not only learn the Tracker system but also the Corel Draw for the designing. We have a ways to go but its nice to know that any question can be asked & they will help. The machine works great! THANK YOU!!"
Ross Luebke
Testimonial from JD Cross Enterprises

JD Cross Enterprises
Portland, OR

"I ordered it, a week later it was here, and I had it set up myself in 4.5 hours. The software supplied with the machine was easy to run. It's really met our needs...if you would like to see one running feel free to call me!"
Jeff Cross
Testimonial from Johnson Dock & Tram

Johnson Dock & Tram Inc.
Counce, TN

"Thanks for your help, and thanks for being quick to solve my problems, you sell an excellent machine that works flawlessly. The only thing i would like to see some day is that the computer be an Apple instead of PC. Thanks, Joey"
Joey Johnson
Testimonial from Cessna Motorsports

Cessna Motorsports
Cherry Tree, PA

"We started cutting parts the day after we had the machine. It's very easy to use and we have had no trouble with the machine whatsoever. The tech support is unbelievable, I would recommend it to anybody!"
Bob Cessna
Testimonial from JP's Powdercoating Express

JP's Powdercoating Express
Parma, ID

"I would just like to say that I was very satisfied by the service I received from Justin. He was very patient and helpful. It's not very often that you find companies that still care about customer service."
Johnny Padilla
Testimonial from WHR Holdings

WHR Holdings
Del Rio, TX

"We cut everything from 20 gauge - 3/8 steel and stainless steel...all in all it has been a really good asset to our production, it runs 9 hours a day 5 days a week and we are happy with it"
Tom Stanley
Testimonial from CE Offroad

Creative Engineering Offroad
Conroe, TX

"The machine is easy to operate, the technical advice I get from Tracker is second to none. There always there for me no matter what...I am contemplating getting a second machine."
Mark Claus
Testimonial from Kraemer & Co. Mfg.

Kraemer & Co. Mfg. Inc.
Orland, CA

"...been using it 3 times as much as originally's been a very excellent machine for us...I would definitely buy the machine again!"
Jerry Kraemer
Testimonial from Jensen USA

Jensen USA
Panama City, FL

"We bought the Tracker plasma system earlier this year, we use it to cut 1/4" & 5/16" carbon steel plate and so far we are very happy with the machine!"
Donovan Horton
Testimonial from Steel FX

Steel FX
Sheriden, CO

"With Tracker we're able to increase our production, the best employee I have is my Tracker system, it's always there and always works hard!"
Jeff Erwine
Testimonial from Jerrys Welding Service

Jerrys Welding Service Steel Fab
Douglas, WY

"I like my Pro Table very much and it gets used every day!"
Jason Mittleider
Testimonial from Makaira Metal Works

Makaira Metal Works
Des Moines, IA

"Tracker's tech support before and after the sale has been the best I have ever seen, hand's down!"
Jerry Marlin
Testimonial from Blitzkrieg Motorsports

Blitzkrieg Motorsports
Anaheim, CA

"My biggest regret is that I did not buy a Tracker two years ago!"
Nate Hanson
Testimonial from D&T Ironworks

D&T Ironworks
Marshall, TX

"Since the day I purchased my Tracker everything has gone as well as expected, it has done everything they said it would do and I would definitely buy another one!"
David Sellers